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Awards and Promotions

Presenting an Award
Taking the opportunity to say a few notable things about the recipient, you can also take the occasion to emphasize some of the strengths in your organization. With confidence and clarity, these speeches capture the congratulatory mood you're looking for.

Accepting an Award
So, you won that big award, right? Now it's time to show your gratitude and thank your team for all their help.

Accepting a Promotion
Over the course of the evening everybody has been so gracious. Now it's your chance to return the favor. Are you ready to say the appropriate things about your boss, your colleagues and anybody else who deserves recognition? With these selections you are.


Conference Opener
The itinerary is set. The speakers are lined-up. You have been given the honor of making the opening speech. Inspire, engage, and inform your audience with confidence and style.

Conference Ending
Here's the perfect way to sum up a business conference, thank event sponsors and organizers, and leave attendees with a brief inspirational message.

Holidays & Celebrations

New Year / Business Year End
As you look forward to establishing new goals for the year ahead, this is the perfect time to consider how far the business has come along over the past year. Say it with humor and a little wisdom.

Christmas/Holiday Party
At this most festive time of year, here's the perfect way to thank your staff and kick off a great holiday party in the process!

Opening of a Business
Congratulations, you made it! Now you just have to say a few words to thank everyone who helped make your dreams a reality.

Official Welcome for New Location
Whether you just opened your second location, or your 102nd, mark the occasion with a celebratory speech. These selections give you suggestions for making your official opening an event to remember.

Opening of a Festival
Set the stage for this year's festival by welcoming participants and thanking sponsors.

Corporate Anniversary
In this selection, you'll find a speech to celebrate the anniversary of a large national corporation and a small entrepreneurial company. Choose the one that¡¦s right for you!

Changing Roles

Changing Jobs
You've been promoted or perhaps you've accepted a position at another company. Here's the opportunity not only to thank everybody for helping bring you along this far, but it's also a chance to make your boss cry in front of everybody. Okay, maybe not cry. At least he or she will miss you.

Joining a New Team
Whether you're joining a team poised for growth, taking over during a time of trouble, or simply looking forward to making a contribution to your new team members, these speeches will help you deliver your message with style.

End of Project
Whether it was a successful endeavor or a satisfactory attempt, the project is complete. There are people to recognize and managers to butter up. With these selections you can encourage your colleagues, pacify your detractors, and express your appreciation with optimism and tact.

Farewell by Boss to Departing Employee
It's never easy to say goodbye, but these speeches help. Whether you want to say it with humor or formality, these selections give you the words to wish your departing employee the best of luck.

Farewell to Departing Colleague
Demonstrate your excitement and sorrow (and perhaps some jealousy) with these speeches that let you wish your colleague well as he/she goes off to pursue new endeavors.

Reply by Departing Employee
Leaving so soon? Whether you're moving on to a new career, or embarking on an entirely new endeavor, these selections help you say "so long" with style. Appropriate as a reply to a colleague's speech, or as a standalone "goodbye" speech.


Speaking on behalf of a Charity
Whether talking about what your charity does or congratulating the people who volunteer their services, these speeches detail how proud you are of where the organization has come from and the hopes you have for its future.

Addressing Charity Fundraiser
Find the right tone to say 'thank you' to charity donors, and raise additional funding with tact.

Morale, Motivation & Praise

Client Appreciation
Whether you're hosting a "thank you" party or would like to informally thank your clients for their continuing loyalty, these selections help you express your gratitude and appreciation.

Motivating a Sales Force
Inspire your sales force to new heights with three speech selections sure to deliver results.

It's Been a Difficult Year
Announcing bad news is never easy. These selections help you deliver the message - whether you want to announce new initiatives designed to improve your organization's performance, or encourage employees to comply with more stringent cost controls.

Employee Appreciation
Tell your employees how much you appreciate their hard work and efforts. Whether your staff is contributing to your business's growth, or is helping you weather challenging times, these selections will help you thank them appropriately.


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