Sample Toast - Anniversary

Anniversary toast for grandparents

What an honor it is to speak at my grandparent's [#] anniversary. It's not often we get an opportunity to celebrate an event like this, so I think, first off, congratulations are in order.
[#] years! Some day I hope I'll be able to say I even lived that long. But to be married! To actually live with another person for that length of time - it's remarkable. I mean, our parents had us out of the house after 18 years, and, admittedly, all of us kids had probably had enough of them by that time, but [#] years! This should win you a prize of some sort, shouldn't it?

Honestly, now, I know we don't get many opportunities to tell you, but you should realize how much of an inspiration your marriage is to all of us. It gives us all great pleasure celebrating the commitment you have shown one another in your lives, and you should know the influence of your love is not lost on this family. I'm sure part of the reason Mom and Dad have such a wonderful marriage is because, in this case, (mom/dad) grew up in a very loving household. Naturally, that spirit of love and support has been passed along to our generation.

Of course, as grandchildren we always revere what you've said. Some of our fondest memories from childhood revolve around them. What stands above all is the impression that you were always so happy to see us, always interested in what we were doing and thinking.

Later, as we grew up and began seeing you for the adults you are, we began appreciating all that you've done with your lives. [Granddad and Grandma] have very much become a symbol for the joys of leading a long and healthy life. You show us that life doesn't stop at any age, and that it keeps on getting better if you tackle it with the same energy and interest every day. Naturally, if you're lucky enough to have a partner there to share the experience, life will be all the more rich.

Having said that, I'd like to propose a toast to the couple who helps show us the way. Would you all raise your glasses and drink to [NAME & NAME], still, after all these years, the happy couple!

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