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For a Sibling  
Sure, you might be a little envious of your sibling's marriage. Then again, you might not be. Either way, you have to say a few words that show how loving you are. But, come on! They're a sibling. You can't miss out on an opportunity to take a couple of cracks at them as well!
For a Spouse  
On a day like today, there are a lot of memories that come flooding back about your relationship and marriage to this special person. Remind yourself and others in attendance why it was those many years ago you decided she or he was going to be the one you spent the rest of your life with.
For Children  
A parent couldn't be more proud than seeing their child meet the person they wanted to spend their life with. Sure, you might have said something special at their wedding years ago, but perhaps it's time to reassess just how unique this marriage is.
For Grandparents  
You're probably overwhelmed with the idea of saying a few words at your grandparents' anniversary. You're honored and you're in awe. These selections should help capture the appropriate mood.
For Parents  
You've seen their marriage first-hand and now you're old enough to understand why it has worked all these years. It's time to tell them how important their relationship has been for you.
Reply by Anniversary Couple  
You might have just been roasted. Or you might have just been celebrated. With appropriate humility and humor, you can tell the gathering just why it is you're the luckiest people in the room.
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