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Best Man - Toast to Bridesmaids  
True, you've done a remarkable job in getting the Groom to the altar. But the Bridesmaids - please remember all their names - have shown an equally astonishing job of maintaining the Bride's sanity. Now's the time for you to tell them just how wonderful they are.
Best Man - Toast to Groom  
You've had the inside line on your friend for years. Now's your chance to tell everybody your views on the Groom, the evolution of the marriage, and perhaps provide a little perspective on how crucial you are to making this day happen.
Bride to Groom/Congregation  
Of course he's the luckiest man in the world - and he could probably use a little reminder why. But that doesn't mean you can't tell him why you're equally fortunate.
Father of Bride  
So you've watched this young man come into your daughter's life and sweep her off her feet. Of course you're happy for her, but you're not going to let him get away with this so easily. Gracious and lighthearted, it's your chance to remind the congregation that before the Groom came along you were the first man in your daughter's life.
Father of Groom  
You want to thank the Bride's family for helping throw such a wonderful party, but you also want to show how proud you are of your son for choosing such a terrific bride. You'd also like to impart a little fatherly wisdom. These choices make it straightforward and personable.
Groom to Bride/Congregation  
It's a tough balancing act trying to thank the people responsible for helping carry the day, not to mention saying the appropriate words for your new wife. Poignant, grateful and subtly comedic, you should have no problem finding the appropriate tone with these selections.
Maid of Honor  
She's your best friend. And now here it is - the day she walks down the aisle; a day you've spent many-an-hour discussing and dreaming about. And now's the time that you get to tell her how much she means to you.
Master of Ceremonies  
When it's your job to welcome the guests, set the stage for the night, and introduce all the speakers, it helps to have something witty to say.
Mother of Bride  
You've watched your daughter meet the man of her life. Now it's your turn to provide that unique perspective that only a mother could offer. Loving and heartfelt, these selections acknowledge the people who have helped make the day special and allow you the opportunity to remind your daughter how unique she is.
Mother of the Groom  
Granted, enough people are speaking from your side of the wedding party today, but given the opportunity, these speeches should help make a lasting impression. Gracious and loving in tone, these selections help you thank the appropriate people, welcome the newest addition to the family, and, most important, embarrass your son ever so slightly.
Rehearsal Dinner  
The anticipation of the following day's ceremony is building, but now you have a chance to gather with the people closest to you and tell them how special they are to both you and your betrothed. Brief but intimate, these selections say all you need to say without repeating the words you may have planned for tomorrow.
Second Wedding: Father of the Bride  
Serious - and less serious - selections to help you wish your daughter luck on a second wedding.
Sibling of Bride  
Naturally, you're going to say a few words about welcoming the Groom and his family into your family, but it's also a moment to say how you feel about your sister. In a touching and succinct manner, these selections cover the territory.
Sibling of Groom  
It's your responsibility to welcome the Bride into the family, but also say a few words about her family. Of course, let's not forget that this is the perfect opportunity to slide in a light jab or two at your brother.
Wedding Planning Guide  
Wedding Planning Guide - A Bride's Workbook.
The essential tool for planning and pulling off the perfect wedding.

Wedding Speech from Friend/Relative  
Mark the occasion of your friend's or relative's wedding with great speeches. These selections will help you deliver your message with a little bit of humor and a lot of love.
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