“... I used to hate public speaking.  Yes, HATE it. You know that statistic that says people fear speaking in public more than death?  That's was me.  Sweating, forgetting what I'm going to say, dizziness, anxiety; the list went on and on.  I looked for years for a remedy to my problem and found nothing that worked ... until I found this program.  After going through your public speaking course, using your tips and of course, using your incredible pre-written speeches, I'm 100, if not 1000 times more confident when in front of people. I've gone from public paralysis to social sportsman.  My position in the community, my social life and especially my income, all have your program to thank. ...”

Scott Trimble


“... Thank you.  I did use the tips, and I also utilized your example speech on receiving an award.  It was very helpful.  Both helped me put together and deliver a speech yesterday as I received the Governor's Award for Excellence in Women's Enterprise from Gov. Bob Taft of Ohio....”

Ellie C.

Cleveland, Ohio

“... I did receive the speaking tips and did review them and found them to be very helpful, I can't thank you enough. ...”

Shirelle P.

L.A., California

“... Thank you so very much. Your service has exceeded my expectations. ...”

Rose W.

New Orleans, Louisiana

“... I just want to thank you for supporting me at the most nervous moment in my life (one of them anyway).  Everything went well,  I received so many compliments on my speech. Thank you for making it look easy.


V/R SMSgt Jessica A.

Virginia, USA

“... Unbelievably I followed the University President! Nothing on the internet prepares you for that situation. ...”

Cindy G.

Kennebunk, Maine

“... Tanya and I have been happily married for two weeks (not long but one step at a time) and the MC at our wedding said directly after my speech, that it was about a thousand times better than the one at my engagement. Thanks for the inspiration to make the speeches at our wedding a pleasant experience. Thanks again. ...”

Andrew W.

Queensland, Australia

“... Thanks, this was perfect ...”

Sue B.

Houston, Texas