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Great Speakers: Winston Churchill, my Aunt Milda, and You.

In a recent study of people's ten greatest fears, public speaking ranked first, ahead of financial ruin and even death. But remember what one great speaker said about the only thing to fear being fear itself? It's true. And you've already taken a big step toward giving a standout speech by visiting

Whether you're saying a few words at a dinner party or giving a speech at the United Nations, the same rules apply. We know -- we've helped thousands of people rise to the occasion. Each month, we share a new Occasional Words Speaking Tip with our visitors. While our Public Speaking Tips are not all obvious, they're all very simple. Taken together, they can help nearly anyone give a great speech.

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Who's out there? Practice, practice, practice Delivering the goods
Poise Nerves Voice
The Eyes have it, the body gives it Humor Hecklers
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